Rolex and other watches - some basic information and why I have chosen to use some of my time and money on this hobby. It all started when I was about 13 years old, I say a full page Rolex Advert in a National Geographic magazine, and at once fell in love with the Oyster day-date. Somehow this watch was for me the most elegant watch I had ever seen.

But as time moved on - I quickly understood that a Rolex was relative expensive - I then moved on to high-school and My French teacher had a nice Rolex Explorer (1016), and my math teacher had the gold oyster day-date. And each time I saw these wonders the more I wanted one. So when I graduated, I was lucky to get a Rolex Explorer II (model 16550) with black dial. This watch was my only watch for the next 18 years before I got the next Rolex. And the more I get to know and love these watches - the more they grow on me - I feel a joy of seeing them, using them as daily watches and enjoying every moment I check the time. It is difficult to understand for anyone that is not "into" watches - but please let me keep this nice hobby.

Hope You enjoy - and you are more than welcome to email me with comments.